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How does starter motor work?

 The function of the starter motor is to startup the combustion engine.Electric motor is a basic part of the starter motor. The starterrelay turns on the electric motor after the starter motor being turned on. Themotor drives the starter gear ring via the pinion gear.  

The rotating movement of thestarter motor is created through the interaction of two magnetic fields.Starter motors come with permanent magnets or with electromagnets. Each ofthese configurations has its own specific characteristics.

The energy required by thestarter motor is provided by the battery.

The starter motor requires a lot of startup power. The battery must therefore have sufficient capacity and anylosses must be kept to a minimum. As the starter motor begins to turn faster,startup power is reduced. This is caused by the inverse voltage generated.Depending on temperature,diesel engines require starting assist systems. In terms of cars, thesefacilities consist of a preheating system that preheats the combustion chamberand the air it contains. Glow plugs serve as heating elements. The glow periodis regulated using a glow timer.

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