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How to repair a starter

1,Using the adjustable wrench, remove the starter from your car. Make sure the car is off and not in operation. Be careful not to damage the starter as you remove it from its primary stabilization bolt.

2,Using the adjustable wrench, remove the bolts holding the starter casing together. This should reveal the starter flywheel and windings inside the starter. A starter is an electric motor so several key parts are critical to its operation. An electric motor is a collection of copper windings surrounded by magnets.

3,Checkthe flywheel. If a large number of teeth are missing, it will appear that the starter's motor is not working. If the flywheel is missing a large number of teeth, replace the flywheel. If it isn't missing teeth, go to Step 4.

4,Inspect the flywheel shaft and windings. Turn the shaft manually to make sure that nothing is blocking the starter motor's torque. If the windings are broken, the required magnetic field isn't going to work properly. New windings are necessary. Are the magnets aligned and at the proper spacial orientation? If they are damaged, you need to reposition or change them.

5,Close the inspection by making a list of findings and working through the problems. You can go to a junkyard and find any replacement parts you may need.

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