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starter motor 0001120402,0001120403 for bosch
starter motor 0001120402,0001120403 for bosch
starter motor 0001120402,0001120403 for bosch
Product Details:
Place of Origin:Zhejiang China
OEM Number:0001120402 0001120403 0001121006
Holdwell No.:HW20087
Minimum Order Quantity:10pcs
Packaging Details:Holdwell Packing or Neutral packing
Delivery Time:1-2 weeks
Payment Terms:T/T,L/C,PAYPAL,WESTERN UNION,Credit Card,Credit payment.
Supply Ability:5000pcs/month
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Starter motor for Bosch

Part No.:

Bosch:0001120402 0001120403 0001121006 0001121007 0001121028 0986017830 0986019890 1783 1989

Delco:1072156 95VW11000BC 95VWBC

Vw Volkswagen:020911023F 020911023FX 020911023H 020911023S 020911023T


Application to :

1AudiA3 1.61595ccm AVU00-02
2AudiA3 1.61595ccm APF98-00
3AudiA3 1.61595ccm AEH98-01
4AudiA3 1.6 AT1595ccm AKL98-01
5AudiA3 1.8 AT1781ccm AGN98-01
6AudiA3 1.8 AT1781ccm APG98-03
7AudiA3 1.8 Turbo AT1781ccm ARY00-01
8AudiA3 1.8 Turbo AT1781ccm AUQ00-03
9AudiA3 1.8 Turbo AT1781ccm APP98-00
10AudiA3 1.8 Turbo AT1781ccm AGU98-03
11AudiA3 1.8 Turbo AT1781ccm AGU98-03
12AudiA3 1.8 Turbo AT1781ccm ARZ99-00
13AudiA3 1.8 Turbo Quattro AT1781ccm AGU AQA98-00
14FordGalaxy 2.32295ccm E5SB01
15FordGalaxy 2.3 AT2295ccm E5SB01-06
16SeatAlhambra 1.8 Turbo AT1781ccm AJH98-00
17SeatAlhambra 2.0 AC AT1984ccm ADY98-00
18SeatAlhambra 2.0 AT1984ccm ADY98-00
19SeatAlhambra 2.0 AT (7V9)1984ccm ATM00-
20SeatCordoba 1.61598ccm 1F96-02
21SeatCordoba 1.6 (6K)1598ccm AFT95-02
22SeatCordoba 1.6 (6K)1598ccm AEH AKL APF AUR99-02
23SeatCordoba 1.6 (6K) PS1598ccm AFT95-02
24SeatCordoba 1.6 AC1598ccm 1F96-02
25SeatCordoba 1.81781ccm ADZ96-02
26SeatCordoba 1.8 AC1781ccm ADZ96-02
27SeatCordoba 1.8 T Cupra (6K)1781ccm AQX AYP99-02
28SeatCordoba 2.0 (6K)1984ccm AGG98-02
29SeatCordoba 2.0i1984ccm 2E95-96
30SeatIbiza III 1.6 (6KGP01)1595ccm AUR00-02
31SeatIbiza III 1.6 (6KGP01)1595ccm APF99-00
32SeatIbiza III 1.6 (6KGP01)1595ccm AEH99-02
33SeatLeon 1.41391ccm APE99-00
34SeatLeon 1.4 16V1391ccm AHW99-02
35SeatLeon 1.4 16V AC1391ccm AHW99-02
36SeatLeon 1.4 16V AC1391ccm AHW99-02
37SeatLeon 1.4 AC1391ccm APE99-00
38SeatLeon 1.61595ccm AEH AKL99-04
39SeatLeon 1.6 (1M)1595ccm BFQ05-06
40SeatLeon 1.6 16V1595ccm AUS AZD00-02
41SeatLeon 1.6 16V AC1595ccm AUS AZD00-02
42SeatLeon 1.8 20V AT1781ccm AGN99-03
43SeatLeon 1.8 Turbo1781ccm AJQ00-01
44SeatLeon 1.8 Turbo1781ccm ARY00-04
45SeatLeon 1.8 Turbo AT1781ccm AUQ00-04
46SeatToledo II 1.4 (1M2)1390ccm AHW AXP99-02
47SeatToledo II 1.4 AC (1M2)1390ccm AHW AXP99-02
48SeatToledo II 1.6 (1M2)1595ccm AKL99-
49SeatToledo II 1.6 (1M2)1595ccm APF99-
50SeatToledo II 1.6 (1M2)1595ccm AEH99-02
51SeatToledo II 1.6 16V (1M2)1595ccm AUS AZD00-02
52SeatToledo II 1.6 16V AC (1M2)1595ccm AUS AZD00-02
53SeatToledo II 1.8 20V AT (1M2)1781ccm AGN99-04
54SkodaFabia 2.0 AT1984ccm AQY AZL00-07
55SkodaOctavia 1.41397ccm AXP00-02
56SkodaOctavia 1.4 (1U.)1390ccm AXP00-01
57SkodaOctavia 1.61598ccm AEH ALK00-02
58SkodaOctavia 1.61598ccm AVU00-02
59SkodaOctavia 1.61598ccm AVU00-02
60SkodaOctavia 1.61598ccm AVU00-02
61SkodaOctavia 1.61598ccm BFQ00-02
62SkodaOctavia 1.61598ccm AEH/ALK00-02
63SkodaOctavia 1.61598ccm AEH98-02
64SkodaOctavia 1.8 T1781ccm AGU98-04
65SkodaOctavia 1.8 T 4x4 AT1781ccm AGU AUM ARX00-04
66SkodaOctavia 1.8 T AT1781ccm AUQ00-
67SkodaOctavia 1.8 T AT1781ccm AUM00-04
68SkodaOctavia 1.8 T AT1781ccm AGU98-04
69SkodaOctavia 2.0 AT1984ccm AQY APK AZJ AEG99-02
70Vw VolkswagenBora 1.61595ccm BCB01-05
71Vw VolkswagenBora 1.61595ccm BFQ02-03
72Vw VolkswagenBora 1.61595ccm AEH98-01
73Vw VolkswagenBora 1.61595ccm AKL98-05
74Vw VolkswagenBora 1.6 AT (1J2)1595ccm AWB02-04
75Vw VolkswagenBora 1.8 AT1781ccm AGN ARX AUM98-05
76Vw VolkswagenBora 1.8 Turbo1781ccm AUM AGU00-05
77Vw VolkswagenBora 2.0 AT1984ccm AQY98-05
78Vw VolkswagenBora 2.0 4-motion AT1984ccm AZH AZJ00-05
79Vw VolkswagenCaddy II 1.6 (9K9)1595ccm 1F95-97
80Vw VolkswagenCaddy II 1.6 AC (9K9)1595ccm 1F95-97
81Vw VolkswagenGolf III 2.01984ccm AGG95-97
82Vw VolkswagenGolf IV 1.41390ccm AXP00-01
83Vw VolkswagenGolf IV 1.41390ccm AHW AKQ97-
84Vw VolkswagenGolf IV 1.41390ccm APE99-00
85Vw VolkswagenGolf IV 1.4 AC1390ccm AXP00-01
86Vw VolkswagenGolf IV 1.4 AC1390ccm AHW AKQ98-
87Vw VolkswagenGolf IV 1.4 AC1390ccm APE99-00
88Vw VolkswagenGolf IV 1.61595ccm AEH AKL97-
89Vw VolkswagenGolf IV 1.61595ccm AVU99-06
90Vw VolkswagenGolf IV 1.8 AT1781ccm AGN97-98
91Vw VolkswagenGolf IV 1.8 Cabriolet1781ccm AAM ADZ ANN ANP98-02
92Vw VolkswagenGolf IV 1.8 Cabriolet AC1781ccm AAM ADZ ANN ANP98-02
93Vw VolkswagenGolf IV 2.0 4-Motion AT1984ccm AZH AZJ00-05
94Vw VolkswagenGolf IV 2.0 AT1984ccm APK AQY98-05
95Vw VolkswagenGolf IV 2.0 Cabriolet1984ccm AGG AKR ATU98-02
96Vw VolkswagenGolf IV 2.0 Cabriolet1984ccm AWF AWG98-02
97Vw VolkswagenGolf IV 2.0 Cabriolet AC1984ccm AGG AKR ATU98-02
98Vw VolkswagenGolf IV 2.0 Cabriolet AC1984ccm AWF AWG98-02
99Vw VolkswagenNew Beetle 1.61595ccm AWH99-00
100Vw VolkswagenNew Beetle 1.6 AT1595ccm AYD00-05
101Vw VolkswagenNew Beetle 1.81781ccm APH98-01
102Vw VolkswagenNew Beetle 1.81781ccm AVC AWV99-04
103Vw VolkswagenNew Beetle 2.0 AT1984ccm AEG98-01
104Vw VolkswagenNew Beetle 2.0 AT1984ccm AQY98-05
105Vw VolkswagenPolo 1.61598ccm AFT95-97
106Vw VolkswagenPolo 1.61598ccm 1F95-97
107Vw VolkswagenPolo 1.6 AC1598ccm 1F95-97
108Vw VolkswagenPolo 1.6 AC1598ccm AFT95-99
109Vw VolkswagenSharan 1.8 Turbo AT1781ccm AJH98-00
110Vw VolkswagenSharan 2.0 AC AT1984ccm ADY98-00
111Vw VolkswagenSharan 2.0 AT1984ccm ATM00-
112Vw VolkswagenSharan 2.0 AT1984ccm ADY98-00

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